A Look Back at the 2014-2015 Season

The 2014-2015 season was a turbulent one – each set released new archetypes that saw a lot of success into the game, and the meta was constantly shifting around as a result. From extreme aggro to super hard control, everything under the sun had a chance to shine at some point during the year. TheContinue reading “A Look Back at the 2014-2015 Season”

“Game Over” – A Lost Combo Deck From 2011’s MD-COL Format

Let’s talk about alternate win conditions. Other than taking prizes, Pokemon has had a few different ways players can win the game. While most of the time, they just kind of “happen” depending on how the match plays out, sometimes, there are entire decks devoted to winning through these strategies. Running the opponent out ofContinue reading ““Game Over” – A Lost Combo Deck From 2011’s MD-COL Format”

The Sideboard – Plox (2008)

Looking back on 2008 as a format, it’s very easy to see why many players weren’t (and still aren’t) the biggest fans. When Mysterious Treasures released in August, the format was actually pretty healthy and diverse. A wide variety of strategies were viable, with some (such as Infernape/Delcatty or Machamp/Lucario) carrying over from 2007, whileContinue reading “The Sideboard – Plox (2008)”

The Sideboard – Flygon (2009)

Historical Context As somebody who was in their last year of seniors, and only their 2nd full season playing the game competitively, I don’t think I ever really appreciated just how impactful every new set of 2009 was. Legends Awakened released early, and we saw a metagame where Kingdra and AMU were extremely strong. Then,Continue reading “The Sideboard – Flygon (2009)”

The Sideboard – Empoleon (2008)

2008 was an interesting time in the history of the Pokemon TCG – it was one of the very few formats that was absolutely defined by a true “tier 0” archetype that stood alone above the rest. Gardevoir/Gallade (also known as GG or Plox) ran the format once Secret Wonders released in November, and GreatContinue reading “The Sideboard – Empoleon (2008)”

The Sideboard – Flygon (2007)

2007 probably takes the cake for being the most diverse and wide-open metagame in the history of competitive Pokemon TCG. Not only were there an obscene amount of different archetypes that were played, but also saw success at the highest level of events. Even after Diamond & Pearl Base released, many of the older archetypesContinue reading “The Sideboard – Flygon (2007)”

The Sideboard – Gyarados (MD-CoL)

The year of 2011 is one of the craziest and most turbulent in Pokemon’s competitive history. After a historic move before the 2010 season, where TPCI announced there would NOT be a rotation, the beginning of 2011 marked the rotation of the very first Diamond and Pearl expansions – and later in the year, twoContinue reading “The Sideboard – Gyarados (MD-CoL)”